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Theatre Calendar

Ebony Buckle - CANCELLED!

Date: 15 June 2019 at 8:00PM

Australian storyteller Ebony Buckle takes us on a whimsical folk-pop journey with her complex harmonies and imaginative lyrics. As a successful actress, Ebony has starred in shows all over the world with a highlight being BBC 1's drama, 'Inspector George Gently' where she played a folk singer. This showcased Ebony as a performer in every sense, with her covers of Silver Dagger and Matty Groves topping the charts all over the world! Through this, grew her love of song writing and her newest project was born.

In the words of FIGHT author Hazel Gale;
"It's a rare thing to find music that speaks so directly from (and to) the heart. Wonderful!"

More info:

  • Sadly Ebony has had to cancel.


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