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16 November 2019 at 8:00PM

After travelling the world as an international speaker, Jeremy Nicholas is bored of dull, dull, dull speeches. Why can’t public speakers be more interesting?

This is a comedy show born out of frustration at the way we communicate. It’s brand new for 2019 with hilarious stories from Jeremy’s long career as a professional speaker. There’s the time he split his trousers on stage in Johannesburg and his fear that he might ‘die’ when he hosted The Good Funeral Awards.

This show contains ten top tips to engage with your audience, and exactly 47 laughs. It’s a stand-up show where you’ll wish there was a handout at the end.


He’s coached politicians but despairs at the general standard of oratory in Parliament. He’s coaxed humour into talks from sports personalities, even when there’s little personality to work with. These are hard won nuggets of information from a man whose career began as a broadcaster, mainly with the BBC, presenting The World Today on the BBC World Service, winning a Sony Award for his BBC London breakfast show and writing and devising the comedy sports quiz Sick as a Parrot for Radio 5, and later, Channel 5.

This year Jeremy is on a new mission: “I want to help speakers to inspire and entertain, or at least, as a bare minimum, keep me awake.” .

  • Individual Tickets: £9.50 (includes one FREE drink from the bar - over 18s only)
  • Box Office:Online sales or Wildly UpBeat Printers (John Trimmer Walk) in Alton
  • Doors open 7:30pm, for 8pm start (55 min show)

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