The focus for investment over the last few years has been on renovation and improvement of the existing theatre - but we have a bigger ambition!  The theatre needs more space to cope with the growing youth theatre, larger productions, increasing costumes and prop storage and improved facilities.  We have recently been granted planning permission for an extension (highlighted in green below) and this has been costed to about £150,000.  An overview is provided below, click on the image for a more detailed plan.

How can you help?

Please support the theatre by attending our shows, volunteering behind the scenes or suggesting fund-raising ideas. This project will take a number of years and we will need to apply for grants - but the end result will be fantastic. We would love you to be involved.

  • Changing rooms and workshop area

    This provides youth changing rooms within the main building. No more running through the rain and snow to the outside sheds. This changing room can be divided into two to provide separate boys and girls spaces. This space can also be used for workshops, together with the new foyer, to increase the number of children able to rehearse in parallel to those in the auditorium.

  • Audience toilets

    Our existing toilets are very basic and cannot cater for the requirements of a modern audience. As we are situated next to Treloar's we would like a disabled toilet (as well as proper disabled access into the building and auditorium). We will also install baby change facilities and ensure easier access for elderly patrons. The existing toilets will then become dedicated to the cast during shows. Separating the cast and audience areas ensures improved safety and security during performances.

  • Foyer and Workshop area

    A larger foyer provides more space for parents to congregate whilst collecting their children from the youth workshops, or for an audience to gather before a performance. A small box office will be in one corner for ticket collection and to provide a cloakroom service. Access to the auditorium will be via two sets of doors, this will minimise noise and light entering the auditorium during shows.

  • Mezzanine level

    Whilst most of the foyer will be open to the roof, a partial first floor around the edge of the foyer and over the toilets and changing rooms will provide much needed storage for the growing costume and prop collection, technical equipment and scripts freeing up room in the existing changing rooms.

A first view as to what it may look like!

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