What do we do?

Holybourne Theatre is a registered charity and not for profit amateur dramatics group which stages an energetic and diverse entertainment programme for the people of Holybourne, Alton and the surrounding areas. Holybourne Theatre aims to create, develop and nurture theatrical skills through the performance of youth and adult productions, this includes collaborations and partnerships with touring Theatre and other professional acts, to create a programme of the utmost quality, maximum variety and greatest possible accessibility, within a sound and sustainable financial framework.

Key Objectives

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  • To engender a Theatre that is welcoming, inclusive and open to all sections of the community.
  • To enhance the Theatre's reputation, maintain a high profile, and become a vital component of the public and cultural life of Holybourne and Alton.
  • To produce work that both satisfies and challenges the Theatre's audiences and members.
  • To offer opportunities to develop theatre and performance skills, to both young people and adults and develop talent through new work and new ways of working.
  • To unite with other partners, as sponsors, co-producers or funders to enhance and extend the quality and scope of our productions and other activities.
  • To maintain and enhance the fabric and building of the Theatre through the efficient running and financial viability of the organisation.

Youth Theatre Mission Statement

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The Youth theatre is integral to the personal, social, political, aesthetic and educational development of young people. The theatre art is a universal expression of human kind and helps young people to find their place and voice in society.

The Youth theatre is open to all young people to participate in high quality, challenging and meaningful theatre experiences which engage them emotionally, intellectually and physically.

The Youth theatre will reflect and represent young people from all communities and the diversity of the world in which we live and will have access to a diverse range of cultures, genres, art forms and approaches.

Young people and those who work with them have the right to work in safe environments.

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